Nesta Dalgic Pompa Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti, Wilo Pompa San. Tic. A.S.
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Dear Customers,

As a result of the agreement signed with WILO POMPA SISTEMLERI SAN. TIC. A.S. in 2008, NESTA DALGIC POMPA SISTEMLERI LTD STI undertook the duty of General Distributor in Turkey for deep well pumps with WILO trademark within the borders of Turkey.

As of 2008, the authority to give dealership and service station for deep well pumps, distribution of deep well pumps within Turkey, stock and warranty responsibility of deep well pumps are completely undertaken by our company.

By acting with the idea “Customers always deserve the best”, our company provides the services of selecting the right product, presenting right and complete technical service support before sales and during usage, giving assembly service upon your request and also provides technical service warranty after operation for our customers.

Having alternatives with stainless steel and stainless body and with fan, deep well pumps in our range of products which has a diameter of 4” – 10”, which is in the range of 0,37 - 170 kW and which has a pump head up to 500mss and which reaches to the capacity of 300m3/hour, can be used either as submersible pump in clean water applications or as utility water and fire hydrophore by adding particular equipment. The motors can be supplied in types which are rewindable and which are not. Upon your request, pump + motor parts, as well as additional accessories such as electricity control board, electrode and cable can be provided by our company.

We moved our plaza headquarter of 2500 m2 which is situated in Avcilar Ambarli intersection to provide better services to you.

Our main objectives are to strengthen our structure further and to add new products to our product portfolio for presenting the products bearing our trademark to much larger masses. The basis of our company strategy is to be trustable, permanent, and to be a company which will exist in the future by getting specialized and stronger.

The satisfaction of our dear customers is our priority and we are continuously increasing our success expanding our customer portfolio day by day with our contemporary corporate management approach, efficiency oriented works, profound knowledge, strong financial structure, innovational and strong corporate culture.

For providing a better service to you we promise you that we are always ready for service with our experienced and dynamic staff while moving forward. We hope that you will be a part of our success by participating in the family of NESTA DALGIC POMPA SISTEMLERI LTD STI.

We wish to have many more successes together in the future.

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